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My preferred initial contact method is via email at

Contact between a maker and commissioner is essential, if you do not reply to contact within 30 days work on your commission will cease until contact is re-established. If contact is not re-established within 90 days your commission will be canceled without a refund and any work or materials on the commission can and will be used for other projects. If you will not be contactable for a period of time, please let me know prior to your absence.


Communication must be polite and professional, any abusive contact will result in the suspension of your commission without a refund. (I do not mind the occasional use of a swear) If you are abusive you will be blacklisted and unable to commission any art.

All contact must be in English, If you are unable to type well but are able to speak clearly I can offer recorded discord contact.  

Quotes and Ordering

All quotes are an estimate of the price a fursuit will cost to create. While care is taken to ensure there are no unforeseen expenses, any materials over the initial deposit amount will be discussed and added to the final price. This could include higher quality fur, additional features such as LED lights, the availability of materials or the choice to change a specific material. 

When ordering or asking for a quote please be specific as to what features you would like on your fursuit, please attach a reference image and send through your measurements. 

You will need to be 18 or older to order a commission for a fursuit. I will only accept orders from people under the age of 18 with the permission of their parent or guardian and the direct contact with the parent or guardian to discuss the implications of their child outgrowing a fursuit. If you outgrow your fursuit I offer the option to have it altered but this will incur a cost. I can only alter a fursuit within reason.

You can only change the design of your reference before materials have been purchased. I will notify you when your materials have been purchased. 


I accept Paypal payments only.

Before I can start work on a commission the down payment to cover materials must be made. (20% of total commission)

I also offer payment plans of at least $400 AUD per month until the total cost has been paid.


If you have breached the terms of service, no refunds will be available.

The initial material down payment is non refundable under any circumstance.


If you request a refund after work has been started I will calculate the percentage of work completed and you will be refunded the amount for uncompleted work.


If you request a refund, any work on a fursuit that has already been started will be recycled and reused into another suit. I will make effort to change the character design. 

No refunds can be made after a fursuit is completed and shipped.

Style and Restrictions

I will not change my fursuit creation style under any conditions, a fursuit maker is commissioned for their style. I take pride in the work I create and do my best to bring a commissioners character to life through my own style.

I prefer to create characters that are fur based but I am willing to attempt making characters such as birds, lizards or insects with minky/vinyl/pleather/velvet fabric parts.

I will only create a character that the commissioner can prove is their own character. I will not create someones copyrighted character without their permission. If this character belongs to someone else and you wish to gift them a fursuit, I will need written confirmation from the character owner. I do however create artwork and fursuits of characters that are part of the public domain or public media (as long as their copyright or trademark terms allow fan-made adaptions to be sold) 

I am willing to attempt any innovations including magnetic features, LED's, fans and other electronics.

I can also make specific features for people with disabilities, people who require glasses and those that need specific requirements due to age or health related problems.


As I want all of my customers to have a well made and well fitting fursuit, I do not work by any deadlines, but I do offer a rush fee of $3000 AUD which will bring your fursuit to the front of the queue. 

If you have an event you wish to have the suit by that is within reasonable time for me to complete the fursuit, and the queue is not too long, I can make accommodations without the need for a rush fee. 

Repairs and Warranty

I offer free repairs to split seams up to 90 days after completion of suit, with shipping costs paid by the buyer.


If the repair needed is due to normal wear and tear or due to accidental breakages there may be a cost applied for the repair and any material costs must be paid. 

I give permission for all fursuits to be repaired by other makers to your convenience, but if the fursuit is to be refurbished I must be contacted with information about who will be performing the refurbishment and why the suit needs to be refurbished. If modifications are made by someone other than myself your 90 day warranty will be void.

All fursuits sent to me for repairs must be washed and sanitized and I reserve the right to refuse the repair or incur a cleaning fee.

I also refurbish old fursuits but only with the permission of the original maker and if the suit is in a relatively salvageable condition.

If you have gained or lost weight I can alter your fursuit to fit again but will require a new duct tape dummy and shipping costs will have to be covered by yourself. 

 I can take a suit in easily if you have lost weight but this will incur a cost. Please contact me for a quote.

If you have gained weight I can offer alterations to the suit, more material may need to be purchased. Please contact me for a quote.

Please Contact me if you would like a repair or refurbish. 


I require a two or preferably three sided reference sheet for a fursuit commission to be accepted. If you do not have a reference sheet I offer services to create a three sided character reference sheet at an additional cost. 

I work closely with a characters reference sheet to make sure that the commissions created are as accurate to the characters reference as possible. When I am unsure about a characters feature I will be in contact with you, which is why prompt contact is essential.



I ship worldwide!

All shipping costs, customs costs and importation costs will be at the buyers expense.

The shipping cost will be calculated at the start of the commissioning process. I will ensure a fair price with size and weight by vacuum packing some parts of the suit and will offer a variety of shipping options depending on your budget and shipping security needs.

Any items lost in shipping are the liability of the buyer or the shipping company which is chosen.


I will contact you with a package tracking number as soon as the package is shipped. 


Insurance of the package is available and can be discussed.

Fursuit Fit, Duct Tape Dummy and Measurements

It is your responsibility to ensure your duct tape dummy and measurements are correct. If the initial measurements are incorrect I am not liable for an ill-fitting suit. 

If you have lost or gained weight in the progress or completion of the suit, ensure you contact me immediately as I may require a new duct tape dummy to make alterations. If you gain or loose weight after your fursuit is sent I offer alterations for a fee.

Photos and WIP

I reserve the right to post photographs of the fursuit or artworks work in progress and completed to my website, twitter and any other social media platform as well as physical reproductions at any time during the process.

Please let me know if you would like your twitter handle to be included in every update tweet.


If you would prefer to remain anonymous and not connected to an artwork or fursuit, I can accommodate this unless the Terms of Service are violated. However, I will require personal information for shipping. 

Allergies and Disclaimers

I live in a pet and smoke free household, although I do use incense, air fresheners and nicotine vaporizers. 

Wearing a fursuit is difficult and requires special care and carries a risk factor. I am not liable for any injuries acquired while wearing one of my fursuits. Please take care when wearing a fursuit and ensure you are hydrated, taking breaks and have a handler on the lookout for you. Although my fursuits are created with the intention to have as much vision as possible you will still have your scenes impaired, take care. 

Privacy Policy

To conduct a commission and/or sale of a pre-made item, I may have to collect some personal information. This information will include your legal name, delivery address, phone number, height, weight and some measurements of your body, including a 'duct tape dummy'.

To ship your items I will need your legal name, preferred delivery address and a phone number. This information is only collected for the purpose of shipping. I will never contact you on your personal phone number. Your private information will never be shared publicly.

In the rare occasion that I request a proof of identity or age, I will need a photograph of your licence or photo-ID card with a hand written note of the current date and time. In this photograph you are permitted to cover the licence or photo-ID card number but your name, birthday and photo must be clearly visible. After identification ALL records of the photograph will be deleted from my storage.

Your personal information for commission purposes will be collected in a google form and will be stored on google drive.

You have the right to request knowledge of your own personal information that is stored and you have the right to ask for it to be corrected. To request your personal information contact me at

I will never sell or distribute your personal information.


The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 came into force on 1 August 1989. The act does not make specific provisions for commissioned works, which means that copyright remains with the artist who created the work, unless a written agreement assigns copyright to someone else.

As the commissioned artist the copyright for these costume artworks remains with me. No one, other than myself, is permitted to claim creation of these artworks.

As the commissioner, if the character design belongs to you, the character design and use of colours, shapes and patterns in this design will remain belonging to you, but the HBA artwork itself will belong to me under copyright terms. You have permission to request repairs from any other costume artist or tailor. However, you do not have permission to make edits or request edits made to this artwork unless you contact me for approval.

Only the owner of a copyright has the exclusive right to reproduce the copyright work. Photographing a copyright work amounts to reproducing it. Therefore, before you take a photo of any copyright work, you need the prior permission of the copyright owner. Under these terms I give permission for the person who has the artwork in their possession (via direct commission or re-sale of existing artwork) to share, post or endorse any and all photographs of said artwork, within the copyright terms. This means that if a photograph of a 'Hunni Bear Art' costume or artwork is posted online, it must be endorsed by the holder of the artwork and myself. If a photograph of a HBA artwork is not endorsed by the holder of the artwork or myself, it must be promptly removed from offending location or platform.


If a photograph of a copyrighted HBA artwork is used to claim creation of this artwork, to mislead a potential client, to claim similar creation skill, to imitate or impersonate the 'Hunni Bear Art' brand or to scam potential clients - legal action will be taken against offenders.

The character 'Hunni Bear' is a representation of the 'Hunni Bear Art' brand, use of this character design, reproductions of the artwork (such as photography), use of existing artworks or adaptions of this character are in breach of copyright law. If the use of this character design could be misinterpreted as impersonation - legal action will be taken against the offenders.

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