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What is a 'Duct Tape Dummy'?

A duct tape dummy is a replica of your exact body shape made from duct tape.

I will use it to create accurate patterns for your fursuit body.

- What you will need -

  • 4 - 5 rolls of 25 meter CLOTH duct tape (6 - 7 rolls if you are tall or thicc)

  • A disposable painters suit or coveralls

  • Scissors

  • Paper towels

  • A permanent marker

  • A friend or three

  • Two long objects to rest arms on (brooms work well)

- Time -

Depending how many friends you have to help you, this process can take 45 minutes to 2 hours. Make sure you set out some time before you start, you don't want to be a duct tape mummy before work.

- Step 1 - Painters Suit & Taping

First of all, make sure you have CLOTH duct tape as we want to use something with minimal stretch.

Secondly, don't tape tightly. We don't want to cut the circulation and if it is too tight the finished product may also be too small. 

The first step is to pop on your painters suit. Keep in mind that you are going to get cut out in the end. So, I suggest wearing clothes that you don't care about underneath, a singlet and short shorts or just your underclothes because it is likely that they will get cut.

Once you have your painters suit on, stand with your legs slightly more than shoulder width apart.You will be able to start taping your own stomach, while your friends tape your legs. If your painters suit has a zipper down the front tape either side of it so you can unzip yourself.

Leave your arms till the very end because they will get very tired being held up for so long. 

Prop your arms up with some brooms or tall objects, try to be as 'T pose' as possible.

Get your friends to tape up your arms.

Step 2 - Wrists, Ankles & Neck

You are almost done, but this is a very important step. 

At the wrists, ankles and neck try to get the tape as far as you can. Use paper towel to stop the tape sticking to skin if the painters suit is too short in the arms and legs.

Using a permanent marker, mark the location of the knees, elbows and where the tail would join, this is where a belt would sit on your hips.


Step 3 - Release!

You are all done! Now all your friend will have to do is cut you out carefully.

By cutting from the ankle to the knee and the wrist to bicep, also If you have a zipper - unzip or cut down the back or front of the DTD. You should be able to wiggle yourself out of the DTD.

Leave these cuts as they are, I will be able to tape them up when your dummy gets to me.

Place the duct tape dummy somewhere to dry off completely before you package it up. You will get very sweaty and we don't want mold growing in the package while it is in transit.


Step 4 - Send

Package up your DTD into a box. You should be able to fit the DTD into a 30cm x 20cm x30cm box, try to go as small as you can to save yourself on shipping.

When you are ready to send your DTD, contact me and I will give you the shipping address.


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