Welcome to Hunni Bear Art. I create unique character costumes of anthropomorphic animals.


I am happy to experiment with any ideas you may have or special features you would like to add to a suit (i.e. LED lights, Fans, Magnetic Features, Pockets, Straps... ect)


If you have a specific material request, other than the usual fur, I am happy to work with anything that isn't stretchy.



Each head is a unique hand carved foam base with a movable jaw and a head that is custom fit and adjustable.

These suits do not have any added padding


These suits have padding located in the thigh and calf of each leg. If you require extra padding for thickness in the rear, chest or stomach, let me know when you order




All HBA fursuit bodies are made custom to their owners body with over-locked seams for extra strength.

The neck is cuffed with bias binding of the main or secondary fursona colour. 

Zippers can be located on the front (default) or on the back.

Please specify front or back and any extra requests when you order.

HBA hands are made with meticulous precision and come in a variety of styles. Paw pads can be made from virtually any non-stretchy or 'slightly-stretchy' material, so if you have a custom request let me know. I can also make paws and hooves in materials other than fur.

Outdoor Paws

The base of the feet are covered with a high quality rubber with tread.

Indoor Paws

The base of the feet are covered with shaved fur that have paw pads embroidered or silicone

on the bottoms. All come with fursuit sandals.

Outdoor Hooves

The base of the feet are covered with a high quality rubber with tread.

We offer cloven or horse.

Indoor Hooves

The base of the feet are covered with shaved fur that have hoof pattern or horseshoe pattern embroidered on the bottom.

Sock Paws

Sock Paws are different from indoor and outdoor feet, these are designed to feel like slippers or socks. 

Sock Paws are not intended to be used for walking around, these are great for photos or chilling on the couch.

Similar to my hand paws, I offer Unstuffed pads, Semi-Stuffed pads and Ultra-Beans.


HBA indoor and outdoor feet are made using a neoprene interior, are then professionally lined and skinned. 

Inside these feet is an elastic shoe harness.

With this method, you have the option to put your feet straight in, wear shoes in or donate a pair of cheap boot style shoes into the feet (boot slippers work best). 

At the front of each foot is a hidden zipper for easy entry and exit. 


Every HBA tail has a hidden zipper located between the belt loops for removing and replacing the stuffing.

Strong nylon webbing (rated up to 500 kgs) is used for the belt loops. These are sewn to the tail using upholstery thread in a 'box X stitch'.

If you have an idea for a custom tail, let me know! I like expanding my range of tail patterns with a new and interesting project.

Nub Tail
Small Dagger Tail
Large Shark
Small Husky
Medium Fox
Medium Husky
Large Fox
Large Ultra-Curled Husky
Large Tiger