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As a business run primarily on commissions I am only able to take on a set amount of projects at one time to ensure the wait time for your suit is not exceedingly long. I run a little differently than other fursuit makers, instead of taking commissions all at once, I have a constant cycle of slots opening as each commission is completed. Please keep an eye on my twitter for the most up-to date commission status. 

In between the end of one commission and the start of the next, I will sometimes also complete a premade costume or work on some stock for my convention stall. For the latest progress on my commissions, please look at my Trello Queue.


1. Your Character Design!

To be accepted for a commission you will need a 2 or preferably 3 sided reference sheet!

If you do not have a reference sheet, I do offer a service to design your reference sheet at an upfront fee.

If there is also a particular expression or shape that you like the look of for your character please let me know! Inspiration images are a big help when it comes to getting to know your character.

2. Request a Quote

Use the quote calculator on my Commission page to get a rough estimate of the price your suit will cost. Make sure you send this commission request through to me at the end of the calculator if you do intend to order a commission. (If you are just after a quote, the calculator shows the estimate at the bottom)

If you have any very specific requests, character features or questions please write them in the comment box before you hit send.

I will then be in contact with you to discuss your commission request and will give you a more accurate quote.

After some more discussion we will lock in your commission.

3. Pay the Deposit

Once your commission is locked in, I will send you an invoice on PayPal. This invoice will have three items. The first item is the material deposit, this must be paid in full within a week. (If not paid in time your commission slot will be opened to someone else). The second item will be the labor costs, this can be paid in full or we can discuss a payment plan. The third item will be your pre-calculated shipping which is added to your total.

4. Duct Tape Dummy, Measurements & Shipping Information

Once your deposit is paid, I will send you a measurements and shipping information form to fill out. I will also request that you send a Duct Tape Dummy to me as soon as you can.

5. The Queue

Once you are in the queue I will discuss materials and material colors with you and any other specialist items I will need to order for your costume.

I do not work to set deadlines, but usual queue wait time can be anywhere from a few weeks to 6 months. If you are faster getting your information to me and sending your DTD you may advance the queue past people who take a longer time to get their information to me. Keep in mind that those who are 'on hold' in the queue and ahead of yourself will have creation priority once their DTD arrives.

6. Creation Time!

This is the fun part! I will be in close contact with you over your preferred instant messenger app with 'Work in Progress' photos and videos. I will also ask any questions I have that come up in the creation process. During this period I will need prompt responses, at least by the next day so I can progress your costume. 

I will also be posting WIP photos and videos to twitter regularly.

7. Finalize your Payments

Once your suit is complete, I will package them into safe storage until you have finished your payment plan and paid shipping. 

8. Shipping

Yay! You will have your fursuit soon! 

We will have discussed shipping prices at the beginning of the commission process but I cannot guarantee that there will not be any tax or import fees for international customers.  


For national post within Australia, the package should arrive within a few days to a week.

For international shipping the package could take anywhere from a week to a month to arrive. 

*For people who are local to the Sydney Region or are happy to travel, pick-up is available. You also will have the option for DTD assistance, test fittings and to be the model for photography of your completed suit.

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